Most of the pages on the website are done now.  Thanks to Marc Doyle for all his work and to you all for your patience in looking to see if it was done and constantly reminding me that it wasn't!

Please look regularly and I'll try harder . . .

The Breed Show is always the highlight of the year, though stressful for me this year as my car broke down on the M5. Luckily the RAC fixed it temporarily and followed me to the hotel to make sure I got there and then sent a truck for me on Sunday morning. I was worried about Morag, Ariadne and Neve having to travel in the car without me, but they were all fine.

Rain meant the show was indoors but it does make it more comfortable to sit around watching. It was a very suitable hotel for the show and it all went very well, reflecting all the work that goes into the weekend. It's a great social occasion and a must for anyone interested in Deerhounds.

We've become a household of pincushions.

Morag started it when slightly lame a couple of weeks before Easter and had painkillers but didn't improve. 

Meanwhile I put my back out. I was bent double and it was so painful I needed to do something quickly and went for acupuncture, which helped.

But Morag was getting worse and became very down, most unlike her (she could possibly have been coming out in sympathy with me), so I was very worried and, not able to get her to the vet because of my back, asked my vet, Kirsty, to call. She couldn't find any lumps but there was obviously pain there, so she decided to give Morag acupuncture too. How lucky am I to have a vet who does this! Morag had been walking slowly up to this point, for about a week or so.  But that evening she trotted and the following morning she was running about again.  It was nothing short of miraculous.

April 1st of all days, Seth completed the hat-trick when he put his foot in a hole while running in the field and wrenched his shoulder, neck and pastern and was in a lot of pain, only able to turn his head one way and with a shoulder too painful even to be stroked.  He had to see the vet on duty and was given painkillers which didn't do a lot of good.  As soon as I could see Kirsty, three days later, he had acupuncture, which also helped him enormously - within a couple of days his neck was relaxed and he was trotting about again. It was quite a serious injury, especially for an oldish dog, so it will take a while to fully recover, but I really think acupuncture is wonderful for helping the body to heal itself and I would recommend it wholeheartedly, if you can find a vet who is proficient, as it is only as good as the practitioner. 

So within ten days, three of us had had painful conditions and have recovered far more quickly than I would have thought possible. Ten days later we are all continuing to improve and Morag even had a sneaky play with the Kong this morning.