d.o.b. 18.8.14

(Rosslyn Reiver x Stranwith Demelza)

Pedigree below

One of a litter of five:

Stranwith Rafaela

Stranwith Ravella

Stranwith Raven Stranwith Rafferty

Stranwith Roag



Challenge Certificates won at:


CC South Wates 2016 (Judge Peter Pask)

CC Three Counties 2017 (Judge David Adams)



(By Ch Pharcourse Noah at Stranwith 27.7.17)

Stranwith Rugosa

Stranwith Rake

Stranwith Rye

Stranwith Ratagan

Stranwith Raglan

Stranwith Ruari

(Tragically Rafaela died whelping and didn't have the chance to fulfil her potential)

Photo Gallery

Rafaela 9.5wks.jpg

9 Weeks

7 Months

11 months

Pedigree of Stranwith Rafaela (18.8.14 - FVII Clear)